4 Ways to Use those Adorable Little Greens

We know that those cute little microgreens are good for us (if you don't know this, please come and talk to us and we will blow your mind!). We know that they are super flavorful (again, if you don't know this, come and see us at the Farmer's market so that you can sample our selection!). However, sometimes we come up short on how to best use these little powerhouses.  This blog is for you! Whether you are looking for new ways to add the greens into your diet or whether you are wanting to resourcefully use what is left at the end of the week, we hope these tips will give you new ideas in the kitchen.

1. Salad

Use our Crazy Salad alone or mixed in with other greens for a side salad or as a main dish.  We like to top it with Gliori's dressing or a homemade vinaigrette.  It is so convenient to grab from the bag and toss into a bowl and you have a super healthy, beautiful salad.  We also have been on an Arugula kick with a squeeze of lemon and olive oil, maybe a little cracked pepper.  So yummy!

2. Picnic style sandwich or dips

Whether it is tuna salad, chicken salad, or egg salad, you know the drill, mix it tangy with pickles or sweet with apples and raisins. Take it to the next level with some of our microgreens.  We like to do a bed of sunflower greens, add the chicken salad and then top it off with our spicy mustard microgreens. Or you can use them to dress up traditional hummus on top of some warm pita bread.

3. Toppers

Use the microgreens to top your favorite dish with color and taste.  We like to throw them on top of an omelet or mac and cheese.  You can get creative and saute pea shoots in garlic and butter before adding them on top of stir fry. 

4. Smoothies

Add the greens to your favorite smoothie recipe.  They are tender and they don't have any bitterness to hide.  You can add a ton of nutrients in one handful of greens. 

Hopefully, this either reminds you or gives you some new ideas of what to do with your favorite microgreens! Also, we are always wanting to hear how you are using them and how much you love them.  Come by the market and see us or contact us online or by phone!


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